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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Option Trader, Aug 14, 2006.

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  2. Bitstream, seemingly IB doesn't agree.
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  3. I don't get it.

    What's the difference between sending:
    - a big order (without marking block order) and
    - a big order (with marking block order)
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  4. Not particular to your case (ie BOX).

    I'm not too sure, but there are some people who tells me you may be better off if you know how to best route your orders directly.

    So using smart-routing is not always "smart". :(
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  6. of course i disagree, never got better pricin' at philly, or else where for that matter....while very often on box. have a look at their website, they used to publish figures there.
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  7. This is something utterly shocking. If what you are saying is true, IB traders are losing millions of dollars with the belief smart route is doing the job for them, with IB saying the same on this very thread, and in reality that is not the case???
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  9. sorry, but i really couldnt care the less, i trade options very rarely now because of the cancellation fees and the little egde they offer in this environment. i, and many others here already tried to push trough the option to exclude any exch from smart; if they dont wanna do it, wtf can i do.
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