price headly info?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by snowbird123, May 20, 2007.

  1. Does anyone have anything they would like to swap? I'm looking for anything from Price Headly like his cd's, dvd's or manuals or books?
  2. WHY??????


    Awhile back I met Price at the NY Traders Expo and got suckered into his smooth talk and great returns from the services they sell. After signing up for one of the premium package deal things, I proceeded to lose money in my accounts like it was my job.

    Very hard lesson learned.

    I would avoid Price and anything that he is tied to at all costs. His great marketing skills simply do not translate to being a good trader whatsoever.
  3. pkny


    just wondering what you thought of Toni Turner, because she mentions Price frequently and she seems like a really good trader. Anyone?

  4. Think about it ... if price was a really good trader, why would he be selling all that stuff instead of getting rich trading?
  5. That snake-oil is pure poison.

    See also - Tobin Smith. The scumbags on Fox that also show up at the Trading/Money conventions should be lined up and shot by all the people they have scammed. And make them pay for their own bullets. They're even worse than Cramer if that's possible. LOL.

  6. Tom@Forex


    Don't do it! His option trading services are one of the fastest ways to reduce your account to zero. :mad: I know because I tried his 'Options Shark' service. All the gains were from back-testing and not actual trades. When I went with his service, it had just started trading for real. Shortly after all his alerts were for "half your normal entry". Obviously he was scared to put his money where his mouth was. Soon after I left his service but for some strange reason I continued to get his alerts. They were still bad. For more than a year I received them. I kept an eye on the trades and they usually failed.
  7. I also was a 'Shark' subscriber and apparently the sharks they are referring to is the trades that will eat away your account in large chunks... :mad:

    Just stay away from Price and

    I should mention that when I attempted to contact Price numerous times about the poor performance of his services, he either provided some fluff response or just flat out ignored me. I told him that any chance I would get, I would tell people to stay away from him. Since he couldn't live up to his end of the bargain, here I am. Feel free to PM me if you want more details.

    Bottom line (in case this wasn't clear): STAY AWAY FROM PRICE HEADLEY AND/OR BIGTRENDS.COM!!!

    Of course, the devil's advocate in me simply says to fade his trades.... :D
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    I subscribed to his option service and promptly lost on 90% of his recommended trades....I called to complain, they agreed the trades were horrendous but wouldn't even give me back my subscription fee much less the $$$$$ lost on his irresponsible trades. considering taking further action. Want to join me?