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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by deadbroke, Oct 18, 2009.

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  1. Depression top was January 2000 with secondary supremely important sucker top in 2007. Warnings were the real estaste crash that started in 2005.

    So there really is no top to call - the continuation down will get underway when it feels like it. Most likely it will be so obvious with a whopping 300-600 point Dow drop, that all topcallers and taxi drivers will know simultaneously that the games's over.

    More important is to finish up one's financial preparations for what's to come.

    I leave the fundamental analysis to the Lalas in Lalaland and instead go straight to the bossman, Price.

    If I come across more than 20 people here at ET who agree with me, I will reverse my call instantly and call Dow bullmarket to 20,000. That's the caveat.

    :) :D

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  3. very interesting

    do you recommend a nuclear shelter or just waiting for the judgement day while sipping mojitos?
  4. The 615-1000 level better be wrong! I'd be very upset at that level with a Gold to DJI ratio of 1:1.

    Once unthinkable, now unstoppable.
  5. maxpi


    We had this most recent 26 year runup after 401k's and IRA's came into existence.. everybody bought stocks... wouldn't they all have to sell all of them to get us back to 1982?
  6. You're right; you're just 5 to 10 years early. This baby's just the warmup. You can tell because every rube on the planet thinks this is it. When it really happens, they'll be wondering what the number of the truck was that hit 'em.
    See you after all the profits have been booked on this bull.
  7. lambda lambda lambda
  8. On the weekly Vix chart (not shown here) Price has touched the 200 m.a., rebounded feebly and now closed below it with a lower closing low. But is this all the magnificent 200 period m.a. can do? Macd has crossed and historgram shows waning downside momentum.

    But weekly's big brother, MONTHLY received the former's distress call already. Price is a millimeter away from the monthly 200 m.a.

    Combined elastic power of 2 timeframes with historically proven high coefficient of restitution can set things in motion for high-speed northbound rocketblast?

    Either that or I'll have to come clean as to what I'm smoking.


  9. Nasdaq versus S&P500 daily chart ....

    for some reason unable to upload this chart - will try some other time, but in the meantime chart the ratio yourselves and observe the following ......

    Nas/S&P daily is not confirming other indexes' new tops since July 23. For the rally's sake its important that it does so given that it is a true champ in that it called the March rally one month in advance on Feb 12 by bottoming with a higher low on December 2, 2008.

    Uptrendline from December08 is busted, but Price could be just consolidating with the higher high yet to come via a new, albeit shallower uptrendline? .... don't know.

    Important trend consequence low is that of August 27, 2009.

    Thus far, despite the trendline bust, uptrend is still intact IMHO.

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