Price for used Ferraris, Porsches, Penthouses etc

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  1. Cutten


    Anyone seen decent discounts on typical banker swag recently? Could be some bargains coming along.
  2. You should look for stuff like this in Russia. The oligarchs got destroyed.
  3. Naaah, Dubai is where the lubricant free SHAFTING is taking place. Personally feel they will have to tear down some of those silly buildings, remember the curse of grandiose buildings before economic collapse,

    Empire State Building - 1931

    Sears Tower - 1973

    Petronas Twin Towers Malaysia - 1998

    Hotels in Dubai (USD$42,000/night) on mounds of sand- 2008
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    I am selling mine cheap. It needs a new alternator....

  5. I got year 2000-07 Enzos...

    :D Yeah, right! I wish!
  6. Enzo's were only produced in 03 and 04 and there are only 400 of them, so good luck trying to get one of them. Ralph Lauren owns 6 i believe, he would be your best bet. I got his number in my cell if you need it:D lol. Also there is one on ebay for 1.2 mil buy it now which really is very reasonable.
  7. 377OHMS


    Ferraris? Phtt!

    This is what I'm seeing around LA, usually the orange ones.


    Poor people drive Porsches here. I drive a 20 year old Carrera and a 38 year old 914-6. That almost qualifies me for welfare in California. :D
  8. Funny you should mention Porsches. My family is too big for 911, and the price of used Cayennes are attractive. Any suggestions?
  9. check ebay--- watches and high end cars have not dropped a penny from last year on the secondary market.

  10. To be fair Ebay is being flushed down the tolit.
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