Price Flow Theory: the reliability of the configurations

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    In common terms it is about the Support and Resistance Lines, but in PFT it is wider and refers to the reliability of the micro (local) graphical model.

    Example: scale 3 shows us sharp Amplitude Increase but lower tangent became unreliable and can't be Support Line (and market confirms it by easily penetration through that line). But at scale 4 lower tangent is more reliable and may be a boundary of the real channel.


    In general words, the last tangent in configurations with Amplitude Increase can't be a good estimation for the channel.

    (Full version of the article about Price Flow Theory and Price Flow Analysis will be posted in "Technical Analysis" soon).
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    It must be more clear now: channel at scale 4 has almost finished u-turn UP at the expected level absorbing by the way all fluctuations,


    blue line on scale 3 is a previous tangent which is not a channel border

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