Price Flow Analysis - GOOG, AMZN

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    GOOG is preparing to jump
    red lines represent two possible scenarios
    (do not have enough data in Alpari MT4 to provide usual time-compressed charts, so can show only as is)


    AMZN - oscillations with very high quality
    and now we see that the last GAP was an simple continuation of the previous configuration, i.e. market has supposed it long before "the event"


    probably the oscillations will continue for some time, so pullback is expected
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    the boss is the first
    full destabilization, so the next action is u-turn UP at scale 4

    AAPL - if confirm Amplitude Increase at scale 3 - it will start u-turn up at scale 4

    AIG - scale 4 - ready for u-turn UP?

    GAZP - possible u-turn UP

    SBUX - is game over? scale 4 does not suppose easy continue UP
  4. I'm confused by your terminology and charts.

    Were your predictions correct?

    On what timeframe were your initial predictions?

    Can you give us some specific buy and sell price predictions? That makes keeping track of accuracy a lot easier.

    "Stock XYZ looks like it's about to rise. Buy it at $xx and sell it at $yy."
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    Dear 1a2b3cppp,
    Thank you for your response and attention.
    Obviously something needs to be explained because of charts posted here
    are slightly different from the ones posted in the original article.
    Will be done as soon as I can.

    P.S. Although terminology itself must be mostly the same.
    Isn't it?