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  1. (1) In TWS, if i'm looking at JPY or J7 contracts (CME Japanese Yen, mini), is displays the price as 0.009220. Can I have it displayed as 9220 ??

    (2) In ESignal, it displays the EC (CME Euro) price as 119150. Any way to make it 1.1915 or at least 11915?
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    In both eSignal and IB APIs there is an ability to convert the price in any format you like. You need a very short code written in VB to display anything you want. I could help but I'm very busy right now. If you could ask somebody who programs in VB it will only tale 2 hours to write!
  3. You mean I can write some code and change TWS? I thought the API was an interface to your own programs, not a way to modify TWS?
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    You can write a little code to display the prices in a separate small window. You can also make this window to stay always on top so you could place it over the fields on TWS.
  5. I think they (IB and ESignal) should fix these special cases (EC ctc for ESig, JPY for IB TWS) so prices are displayed in the standard way, if it is not possible for the user to change the price display. I'm not trying to do anything special, just look at prices in the standard format.
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    Well, I gave that thought up a long time ago. Now I just do what I need because I'm sick of asking favors from eSignal and IB. They will not do it! As a matter of fact I designed my own interface to do the trading the way I think it should be done. Cheers, I'm sorry for not being helpful.
  7. Dear Trader,

    The IB system quotes using decimals. This is how the sytem has been programmed.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.


    IB Customer Service
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    I agree Peter. It's annoying that all of my columns have to be two extra digits wider, and TWS therefore 8 columns wider, only because of the useless extra zeros in this one (JPY) contract. Especially in the commodity world, it's commonplace to show just the significant digits, without decimals and extra zeros. While it could be argued that newbies would be confused by special cases like this, I believe there are already similar issues with things like bond price quotes, US equity sizes being shown divided by 100, etc.
  9. TWS Dow

    (YM): 10302

    TWS Bonds

    (ZB): 107 24/32

    (ZN): 111'005

    They can fix the (JPY).
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    It's not a matter of "fixing" the JPY. The price is placed on the screen as it is rec'd and quoted on the exchange. I guess the issue is that it does boil down to potentially confusing clients. I'll make the suggestion to programming to see if an option can be set on the display of that contract.
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