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Discussion in 'Forex' started by KiasuTrader, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. Does anyone see a 2-3 pip difference in the Eur/USD price given on Tradestation and the price on Oanda?

    Anyone know why this is?


  2. Forex dealers can give you any quote they want, and they usually do so to their advantage.
  3. Saham


    Mike Brown is wrong.

    Imagine you are on the ocean. You toss a bag of potato chips into the sea. Then you place a level on the waves upon which the chips represent the prices of various currencies.

    There IS a general market (the level), that is, going rate, and much of the time it is harnessed by "quotes" sometimes those quotes that can be on opposite sides of the world line up to the pip.

    Other times they don't.

  4. I am correct, don't listen to the troll.
  5. I don't understand in the Futures market my prices in Tradestation always line up with the feed that I get from my broker. Why wouldn't it be the same with the Forex? Perhaps the difference I am seeing is the spread they charge for each trade?

  6. IMO the reason why is that there is no central exchange for FX like there is for futures. All FX dealing desks (brokers) can quote or charge whatever they want. They are usually right at/near the current market but especially during very slow, "illiquid" times or very fast markets is when you see the most differences in quotes between dealers.

    Also, since the quotes are not all coming from one exchange like CME or CBOT, there will be differences in latency/quote time between dealers due to different data setups, software, etc.

    Your broker and tradestation are most likely using the same source for the data (I.E. Globex).


  7. There is a normal spread between futures and spot prices.

  8. How do you get FX spot prices through TS ? :confused:

  9. Tradestation is now an FX dealer as well. If by "spot" you mean current quotes on the pairings such as EURUSD and USDJPY.

    In fact, please answer for me, is that what "spot" means?