Price and Volume Trading

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    Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you'll be able to see farther.
    J. P. Morgan

    I have found the holy grail and it is this “Study, Practice and Risk Limitation”

    This is where the study begins.

    The Basics

    Two Elite Trader Articles on Price and Volume

    A Book by Richard Wyckoff (Free)

    Two Articles on the Wyckoff Method
  2. It looks very interesting. I look forward to reading your thoughts. I hope you will stick with maintaining this journal.

    Wishing you all the best.
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    I´m gonna follow this too, since it´s closely related to what I´m trying to do myself.

    best wishes,
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    Thanks for your words. I hope so too.


    Once I get going your input would be appreciated as you already have some experiance it what im trying to do.


    Thanks for those posts leads to one that is 1200+ posts. That took a few cups of tea..
  5. Should be 671 and 39 . . .
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    This is an old favorite of mine. This will be the chart I will annotate and work on once my studying is up to scratch.

    I should be ready to start some very basic practise soon. My aim is to keep the approach simple at first and work up to some of the more complicated analysis that was done by DbPhoenix. But I think that may take sometime.

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    Sorry, I meant while reading those articles it links to other articles on the site. Altogether around 5 different threads started at various times. Thanks very much for the link it is helping me along my 3 step plan.
  8. Ah. Well, there's a whole forum there devoted to PV. Lots to explore . . .
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