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    Im looking for a price alert service that sends SMS text and/or emails for the energy futures market. I've found a couple for the forex market but have yet to find one for the futures market. If anyone knows of any please let me know.

  2. I know my CQG charting package has Price Alerts where you can send them to an email address, but I've never used them.

    I assume they'd work even when you've logged out - be a bit pointless otherwise! :)
  3. Think or swim has this function. What futures specifically do you need alerts for?
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    Mostly Crude Oil, QM and CL, sometimes , wheat ZW
  5. OK, you're covered then ... Get the TOS software, click setup on the top right, click on the alerts tab, then enter in your cell phone email address in the field provided.

    After you do that, click on the market watch tab, then click on alerts.

    Type in the symbol (i.e. /CLK9) , press enter. Click on the field that you want to be alerted on , such as "last". Then click create alert. The alert is stored on the server so no need to keep the software running.

    To find out your cell phone email address, go here :
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    Thanks for the help but I dont think its going to help me with the alerts.

    Im based in Canada and currently own and Iphone. TOS doesnt currently have a iPhone compatible program offered on their Canadian site.

    I tried the iphone application on the .com (american) site but it doesnt seem to offer futures markets.
  7. Its not something on the iphone application, everything is done on the desktop application. It sends an SMS to your phone.
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    Aight, got it.

    Thanks for the assist.
  9. How is Think or Swim with futures?
  10. Execution is OK because everything they do is traded electronically. Commissions are high ($3.50 per side) , although you might be able to negotiate slightly lower.
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