Price alert service via email, SMS or Yahoo IM

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  1. I recently posted a thread titled "Looking for a solid emini price alert service via email or SMS... suggestions?" There were zero responses.

    I found someone considering starting such a service. Specifically, a service that emailed, sent you an SMS or Yahoo Instant Message when the price of any specific vehicle reached a specified level. This would free the trader from having to stay within reach of their platform.

    Is there a market for this service among ET posters?
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    I missed the first thread,

    Quotetracker has such a service.

    Also Stockscores .com if you subscribe.
  3. Thank you. QT looks like the straightest route, but they do not supply market data. Looks like that would be a separate fee, from marketfeed or other third-party provider. Any experience with them, good or bad?
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    do you mean an advisory service telling you when to buy? If not im sure most packages offer an email alert option.

    my question though, if you can get to email or yahoo, why not just pull up a chart?

    as for trade recommendations, there is not one on earth that works.
  5. name of the service ?
  6. It already exists, TradeStation, eSignal, CQG, and Ninja Trader can all send SMS messages.

    Any smartphone gets live quotes these days, what are trying to sell here?
  7. Definitely interested.

    Also interesting would be a simple web-txt page with the futures quotes to use on a phone to check in every now and then.
  8. Relax pollo destripa, I am buying, not selling. I don't need another trading platform, just a price alert service.

    Smartphones don't get emini future quotes... already checked.
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    It's called an e-mail alert
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    I get my data through IB

    Haven't used the e-mail alert but use the alert feature to let me kinow of extreme tick readings. Works well.
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