Price Action.

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    What makes price go up and down? Or does it just do it's own thing? Remember! Don't's just for fun.
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    Why does the value of the Dow not just stay at 11000, forever? Is it anything to do with the 30 companies that make up the Dow? Or is it something else, something strange and mysterious, wierd and wonderful...almost supernatural? Alien life forms playing with us humans maybe? Conspiracy? Are the markets an enigma swathed in a cloak of darkness and unseeing? DO YOU NEED HELP?


    Herba tea contains tea...nothing else.

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    Mike Reynolds, "I never trade without a big cup of HERBA TEA."

    Jane Smith, "...fundamental analysis seems so right since i've discovered HERBA TEA."

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    Ted Bongo, "The 'four fears.' No way! I drink HERBA TEA."

    After just one cup of HERBA TEA, you will notice the results. Vendors? No! Vending machines...YES!
  4. If it's too high, it will go down;
    if it's too low, it will go up.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Money.
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    How does money effect price? Has it got anything to do with drinking HERBA TEA?