price action trend detection with no lag or repaint

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    It's been a while, but we've got something that I think will make the wait worth it: The Awesome Price Action Movement Indicator. It has several noteworthy features, besides being free:

    - Completely automatic trend detection. You choose the length you want to measure, and the function automatically chooses the start point based on common sense pass/fail criteria for higher highs/lower lows.

    - The direction of the price movement is clear. There is no averaging of past data; only a real time data feed is required.

    - no lagging, no quasi-leading, and no repainting of the indicator. WYSIWYG.

    - There is also an mt5 version of APAMI that is identical to future-proof this, although it doesn't look like mt4 platform is dying anytime soon. Mt5 does reach a broader market.

    - The whitepaper will be in a separate thread, but you can watch the video to get started:

    Since there is only 1 attachment file possible per post, i will include everything to get started for mt4 or mt5 with full instructions in the 1 zip file.

    Price action has never been so clear or uniform.
  2. Now we call be winners. THANKSYOU.
  3. Thanks, but I would rather use my smart brain to draw lines than a dumb computer.

    Also, you have the bars backwards on your chart what sense does it make to have black bars be up? that's like inverse to anything I've ever seen!