Price action traders... how did you / would you trade this

Discussion in 'Trading' started by keep learning, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. Price action traders,

    I feel like I'm making improvements in my trading but obviously still have a lot to learn.

    Question for PA traders out there - how did you, or how would you, trade the the attached chart.

    Especially interested in when you would go long as the trend turns.... thanks.
  2. I think the attachment was missing?
  3. Mins


    Quick reply here - i have attached a chart of my trades.

    I have not attached exits and these are crucial imo but my trading style often involves scaling out and trailing stops.

    I made most of those trades yday apart from the long move down which i lost money on trying to be a hero and pick off long scalps.

    Was a decent day when trading well, obviously psychology and stress are major factors to my trading - so often i go against plan.
  4. Mins


    Please keep in mind my entries are not always great as i may wait for more confirmation on next bar - just a heads up.