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    If there are any users of Price Action Lab around I would like to ask a few questions about data handling and startegy development. Please send pm. Thank you.
  2. I sent you a pm. I'm using the program and I would also like to exchange ideas. It would be better if we talk via Skype. Let me know.
  3. Look at the links zgtrader posted regarding data:

    I am ordering the 1-minute data from then because Price Action Lab can read them directly.
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    Which historical futures data service is the most reliable for use with Price Action Lab?
  5. I use continuous series, backwards adjusted on the day of volume switch. I have found out these work best.
  6. I have been using Price Action Lab since it was still APS. If anyone wants to chat and share some ideas, let me know (PM).

    @gianno: PAL lists their data sources on their website: Data for Price Action Lab
  7. I have recently upgraded to PAL software form an older version. This is a good piece of software, very different from what is out there but it requires some practice for proper use. Data is an issue I have faced. I decided to use data from pinnacle and chose the non-adjusted series. Some details of the adjustment methods are given here:

    I have found out that the non-adjusted method is better for patterns even in the face of a few discrepancies in the backtests due to the rollover gaps.
  8. Thanks Alex, I will have to look for the paper about ratio adjusted data.

    Yep, Price Action Lab produces some interesting signals. One of them was for the open of last Friday in SPY. The PAL people had listed that in their blog.
  9. Ratio-adjusted data produce wrong backtesting results for futures. Aslo for stocks unless you also adjust the volume.
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    Can you pls elaborate? Why is that? I don't get it.
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