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  1. I want to post some of my analysis and trades here as I think it will help me be more disciplined in my trading. I trade primarily the ES and use support and resistance along with price action. I occasionally look at fib levels if we are not close to normal S&R levels. I started a blog a few days back which I will keep updating but I will also post some stuff here too.

    Here is my most recent trade, in at 1182 out at 1183, SL was 1179.75.
  2. Screenshot from 1 April showing 2 trades I took off the 5 minute chart. The first trade was stopped out as the stoploss was 1 tick above the high of the PIN bar, the second trade was a winner.
  3. Didnt take these trades but its worth posting them anyhow. The first one actually looks relatively good in hindsight as there is some divergence. Second trade has no divergence but it was still worth a few ticks.
  4. i might be mistaken but it seems you look for the same divergence-as in same higher high and lower high etc. in different time frames which is pointless the trick to find coinciding divergences in difretn time frames. again forgive me if i am wrong
  5. I'm not sure what you are asking. I posted different timeframes to show that the same principle applies across the board. Its primarily a PIN bar strategy but divergence is a very good confirmation especially in lower timeframe charts.
  6. Boring day for me so far, holding off until we reach 1177.25 or 1170.50,
  7. Seeing some divergence on the 15 and 30 minute charts but I wont be trading it
  8. Moved a few points higher off the divergences, didnt trade it because there was no PIN.
  9. We have reached 1177.25 as there is some divergence on the 5 minute chart, I am waiting for a PIN to form for a short.
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