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    how do you trade price Action?
    Some traders do it successfully.
    Even educational resources are trading it.
    I'd like to know where you to to learn these methods????
    any ideas fellow traders
  2. You'll have to develop your own guidelines as to defining tops, bottoms and trendiness in the market. :cool:
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    i was recommended to a website that only trades Price action any idea how they trade price action? Any other recommendations on who I should be looking at?
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  5. Fah Q

    Fah Q

    Forget websites, focus on price and the time frame of your choosing and settle in for years and years of learning

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    thanks mini dow trader, lots of great info
  7. HRL, pays decent dividends.
  8. price action is just the result of the pressure in the market. a chart is just a representation of what price has been doing. dont over analyze it and just read the price as you would read and comprehend anything else. i think once you understand the concept the only further growth comes through screen time.
  9. He is not ready for that. He wants to make money first, then learn later. Or he is here for another reason!

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