Price action and Partial blindness

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by buccas13, Feb 3, 2010.

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    HI fellow traders,

    I'm a retail fx trader. My trading instructor have been some famous forum threads across forex forums like James16 from forex factory. Then pdfs available thru rapidshare eg Steve Nissons candlestick patterns.

    James16 uses bar charts and Steve uses candlestick patterns. Now the funny thing is that I can identify james16 pattern on bar chart and Steves only on candlesticks. So if I'm in bar chart I cannot identify steve's patterns.

    Is there anymore who experiences partial blindness while identifying price actions?

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    You have come to the right forum with this question
  3. ===============
    Dont know if this helps your retail FX;
    but William O Neal likes the ''railroad tracks pattern'', which is visible on barcharts....................................

    Candle charts are easier on the eyes:cool: Part of it depends on what you are used to.Also like mountain charts, peak & valleys live thier name-wisdom is profitable to direct.:cool: