Prez got arm-twisted by Israelis PM

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  1. Read between the lines -- no more 1967 border negotiation-starting point. It is obvious Who is in charge of U.S. foreign policy. I thought the prez might have the ball when he announced his Israel-palestine policy. He turns out just another stooge. LOL

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  2. Before we tell Israel to give back land, the United States should return all the land we took from Mexico (California, Arizona, Nevada and parts of New Mexico, Utah and Colorado) during the Mexican-American war.

    After we return the land we took in wars, we will have the moral high ground from which to demand that Israel return land to the Arabs that was won during the 1967 war.

  3. I'm not disagreeing with your basic premise, I'm just saying the US has no moral high ground on this subject. The US took most of its land in various wars and never gave back anything.

    If we're serious in our proposal, we should start by returning land to Mexico and the Indians. If we're not willing to do that, we should shut up and stand aside.

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    What do you think will happen in the Middle East if Israel gave the Palestinians what they wanted?

    Would Palestinians be content next to Israel or will they never cease to rest until Israel is completely wiped off the map?

    If Israel were to dissapear, who do you think would be the next target?

    Do you think that Hamas is a terrorist organization or just a form of a democratically elected government?
  5. Cheeky, your definitely a cheeky bastard.

    I bet all those back in the UK are loving the fact that 50% of the population is Arab now. Hell the Brits gave up their land without knowing it!

    Obama is a fucking fool. Enough Said.
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    I disagree with just about everything Obama has done since he took office. But this is one is a layup for him. And absolutely no one who knows anything about foreign policy would disagree. Only angry mouth breathers want more genocide. The Palestinians are incapable of creating peace. At this point only the Israelis can, soon the middle east will be able to. Pick. The have to give back the occupation zones. The middle east is about to destroy them. If they continue to use the woe is me attitude. The I am anointed and can kill your children belief system... They will pay. Europe is already sick of it. The middle east is on fire over it. And the American people are sick of war and won't listen to religious nut bags anymore. Good luck Israel,I hope you grow or heart, if not, well your dead. Good part is you get to choose, bad part, time is running out.
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    To change a land for a peace ?? BS, totally. If you want a peace, make a peace, don't ask for a land. If you don't look for a peace, well, you can make faces .. The only intention of palestinians is to kill jews and destroy the State of Israel - that's what they openly say everywhere for last decades. And it looks they lose for last 60 years or so, so they're really professioanl losers - why to give them a land? They will lose it anyway..
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    I'm surprised Obama didn't come out of that meeting with a black eye and a fat lip.
  9. Obama wants to make peace with Muslims/Arabs with profound fundamental reasons. Al Aaeda's battle cry is to destroy Israel, and the supporter of Israel, U.S. U.S. spent $5 trillion on anti-terrorism since 9/11. Would U.S. be able to spend that much in next 10 years? To save U.S. from bankruptcy, he needs to discontinue the costly wars, primarily on terror. But he is in a difficult place, he could not abandon the homeland of U.S. royal class, the Jewish bankers. He had a good try. :D
  10. And after that we demand that the Arabs give back the land to Europe that was won after the last years of the Crusades. Then we demand that europe give the land back to arabs that ruled it in the year 600-1000 a.d., then we demand Arabs give it back to the Christians that ruled it from 300-600 a.d., then we demand that the Christians give it back to the Romans (or just give it to Italy since "Rome" as a country doesnt exist anymore). And then demand Italy give it to the Jews, and then demand the Jews give it back to Babylon(Iraq),Persia(arabs) and Greece, and then demand THEY give it back to the Jews again.

    Or we could just cut the middleman and let the Jews have it all since it was theirs to begin with.
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