Preview of upcoming Food Riots

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  1. Looks what occurs when Popeyes runs out of sale fried chicken!

    Get ready to experience america in all her glory: soon you will be fighting elbow-to-elbow with "Queen Latifya" in your local supermarket, for the last bag of sugar cookies LOL
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    The reporting journalist is obviously a racist; only blacks were interviewed.

  3. Dude, whites are a 'visible minority' in most parts of the USA now...
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    Especially in the vicinity of fried chicken restaurants.
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    Hey MorontoTrader,

    I was looking through the whole clip but didn't see any food riots, just customers complaining (rightfully so) about Popeye's running out of chicken.
    Could you point out to me where it shows people were rioting because of the fried chicken shortage?
    Also, who the heck is "Queen Latifya"?
  6. There were no riots in the video. Why do mUSLIMS lie so much? I am sure that by the time Obama has finished his first term, there will be free chicken for everyone. Now, let's put this in context. ONE BILLION mUSLIMS rioted in the streets over a few cartoons of mUHAMMAD.
  7. Not really, Plenty of white folk in Safeway.

  8. LOL!

    "I'm more disappointed than angry. We were looking forward to this day."

    Looking forward to this day? To the day you get chicken at Popeye's? Holy cow that's a sucky life.
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  10. Oh noes a Popeyes is closing down.

    Oh no you dint! :p

    The new year has brought a flurry of fast-food restaurant closings to the Dayton area, and an industry observer said the closings may be part of a broader, seasonal trend.

    A Kettering Burger King, Centerville Popeye’s Chicken and Dayton Dairy Queen are among the first casualties of 2010, although other locations of the same chains remain open and operating in the Miami Valley.
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