Preview of a Coming Attraction: Michael Milken, 60,000 Deaths, and The Story of Dendr

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    I'll post the link here in a couple of hours, and also under the "Do Hedgies Frontrun........."

    I was never so infuriated in my life when I saw Milken on Fox Baseball last Saturday bragging about the money he raised for Prostate Cancer. You are about to read the real truth. It will come in 15 installments. It will be data driven. It will infuriate anyone with a sense of justice.
  2. Thanks Patrick. Look forward to it.
  3. Is there a Cliff's notes version?

  4. DNDN is trading $26/shr, why the unhappiness? are you short?
  5. What do you not understand about 64,000 dead people? Not to mention they just gave you Cramer on a plate.
  6. Thank you, thank you for posting this.
  7. I understand the remainder of this is absolutely maddening.

    The fraud, disrespect for the ill, the hubris is beyond comprehension for everyday people.
  8. On the night of March 28, 2007, Cramer commented on Dendreon again. He did not mention the phantom stock (in May, 2008, he began a “crusade” against naked short selling, but he started this “crusade” just one day after he was exposed by Deep Capture as a central player in a media cover-up of the naked short selling scandal). Instead, Cramer offered the long-shot prediction that the FDA advisory panel would not approve Provenge. He advised Dendreon’s shareholders to “SELL, SELL, SELL!!!”

    This was the “battleground.” And Dendreon was under attack.
  9. Dendreon [DNDN 24.54 -1.54 (-5.9%) ]: DNDN is up big, Cramer said. He’d like to see a pullback before investors buy in.
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