Preventing from disconnecting

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  1. I use for a lot of my trading.

    I notice using the free version that if you don't do something on the computer logmein will disconnect

    Is there something that I can do on the computer to prevent this?
  2. Try posting on the forums.

    Don't wanna get a blackout,56.
  3. ha ha ha. Someone already posted that in the logmein forum and the answer you get is to pay for the pro version. I prefer to see if I can ghetto-rig it'
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    no, you can set the timeout feature under the preferences/advanced tab. I use the free version and it will stay connected for hours. Default timeout is 20 minutes if you don't change it.
  5. There is a USB Dongle that is available the when plugged in will simulate the mouse moving back and forth ever so lightly. I so it in the Cyberguys catalog but I imagine you could find it on ebay.
  6. Wow that sounds great and thanks for that tip, however truthfully I'm not sure where the preferences / advanced tab is... :(
  7. I found it
  8. so are logmein and teamviewer the 2 best free options around in your opinion?
  9. The thing about teamviewer that i love is that it gets around firewalls and its not a website so it doesn't get recorded on a corporate browsing history recording program.
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