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    if the link doesn't work here's what the text reads:

    Prince Charming is dead and I have his severed head - 35 (Hollywood)

    For all you silly little girls out there living unsatisfying love lives and havibng lousy sex, I just wanted to know that you are getting exactly what you deserve because you expect it all to be handed to you by some fictional guy who's entire function revolves around you and not him.

    There is no Prince Charming. It is a lie. You were a fool to ever want it. Like most fools, you think the easy path is the best 'cause it's so easy. But it's actually the most difficult, disappointing path, because nothing good comes easy. You have to work at it. A man is not a prince born just to serve you. You have to give in order to get, ladies. If your sex life sucks, if your love life sucks, it is because YOU suck. Women who go around blaming all the men in their lif when the common factor is always that woman and not the men she is with are women who are never going to living satisfying love lives or enjoy great sex.

    Being pretty isn't enough. Having sex with a man isn't enough. YOU have to get what YOU want out of life, whether it be love, sex, or anything else. If you want a Prince Charming to come along and do all the work, then you are nothing but selfish, lazy, vain, and delusional. Thinking YOUR happiness is going to come from somebody else is sheer stupidity. Why do you even want a Prince Charming in the first place? Why do you believe in a fairy tale that is a joke?

    So there you go. If you find yourself on craigslist now because your delusions and vanities have lead you to have a lame love life, let Prince Charming go. He's dead. I have his severed head. You have no choice but to move on now and make yourself a woman by finding a man. Or would you rather stay unsatisfied?