Pressure builds for civilian drone flights at home

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Banjo, Feb 26, 2012.

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    Lord knows they might have to put a Hellfire missile onto an unlicensed dog or unpermitted workshed.

    Or if they see you smoking or drinking out by your pool they could just put a couple of missiles on you, problem solved.

    Or maybe you made your backyard fence 6-inches too high. Yep, Hellfires could take care of that.

    Otoh they could just look through our windows and see what we are up to indoors. Infrared sensors could detect thermal loss and homeowners could be fined for wasting energy.

    Lots of uses for drones. Almost all of them bad.

    How about deploying those drones on our southern border and busting a few democrats, erm I mean illegal aliens? Or how about using drones to detect smuggling?

    The government is more worried about US citizens than illegal immigrants, smugglers or terrorists.
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    It would appear so.
  4. They already have them, ever hear of UFO's?
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    We're enemy #1
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    I've been looking for one but those little suckers won't fly their space craft around where I am. Maybe they read ET and they'll give me a fly-by.

    When my father was alive he told me he saw a cigar shaped UFO flying around a small lake at my sister's house one evening. My dad wasn't one to exagerate.
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    I live in an area that is notorious for UFO sightings but I've never seen one.

    The greeks believed in the "plurality of planets" and life elsewhere but it would be hard to believe they would bother with us. We are so far out on a spiral arm of our galaxy that it amounts to being in the boondocks. Not to mention that we are incredibly primitive and not very interesting.