Pressing your W

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  1. Requirements: a trend that doesn't last 5 minuets, should alst at least 15-30 minutes or even better the whole day.

    1) Your first entry is the most important and small size.

    Make sure it is profitable at least $100 or X amount in accordance to your size.

    2) Make sure you aren't at the end of the rally , it should be the START of the trend, or the #2nd or #3rd bar of a trend that has moving power.

    3) Once your first entry is profitable, its time for fun , instead of watching the chart, watch your PnL

    When Pnl, withdraws a little, Maybe $100-> $75
    Now you wait..
    When your PnL goes back up to $80
    Add 1
    Add 1
    Add 1
    Do nothing
    Add 1
    Do nothing
    Add 1
    Add 1
    Sell ALL.

    Keep adding for fun and kicks,

    Make sure your PnL never drops below $0 , or you exit completely and go home calling the day as bad luck.

    Sell into huge spike ups.
    Never sit around with a huge position espically into a huge spike.

    Thats all.