President was "humbled" by his NPP win???

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    I always thought a man was humbled when he saw himself next to greatness and realized he didn't measure up.

    Or when one expects greatness but delivers mediocrity.

    What does it mean about a man when he wins the nobel peace prize and it makes him feel lesser than other men?

    Maybe he meant to say he was honored?
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    Maybe you need to become familiar with a dictionary. Look up the word "ambiguous" while you're at it, as in "'Humble' is an ambiguous word." :D
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  4. Humbled? Nothing humbles him. He's a pathological narcissist with such a HUGE ego.... nobody nor anything other than what he wants has any meaning for him.

    That's why he's such a horrid president... much like GWB, only worse.
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    How could he be worse? By this time in 2001, the Bushies were already plotting to invade Iraq and were making up lies about Saddam hoarding WMDs and swapping love notes with OBL.

    And oh yeah: Bush let 9/11 happen on his watch.

    You righties are so good at selective amnesia ... that's not a compliment btw.
  6. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Truther in da house!
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    they just want some one to blame for bush fuck up's, they don't like when there wrong :eek:
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    Though, a non-biased person would realize that both the left and right...

    Well, they both suck ass.

    There is no net+ for either side. They both come up short when you itemize their respective accomplishments and failures.

    There's a saying that one should go with the devil you know rather than the devil you don't. But when it comes to partisan politics, it's really going with the devil you like rather than the devil you dislike.
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    No, we have another know-nothing rightie in da house.

    I didn't say Bush caused 9/11, I said he let it happen.

    Here's proof:

    In January 2001, practically the same week as his inauguration, GWB was handed a bought-and-paid-for, gift-wrapped new national security plan (including anti-terrorism) called USCNS/21. It was the final output of the bipartisan Hart-Rudman Task Force on Homeland Security formed by the Clinton Administration.

    All Bush had to do was implement the plan and he would have been a hero.

    In their infinite arrogance, the Bushies decided to trashcan Hart-Rudman and to start all over with their own "Bush 43" anti-terrorism commission. This was in May 2001. There is no indication that the new commission, headed by Cheney, ever held a single meeting.

    In August 2001, Bush receieved an intelligence briefing titled "Osama Bin Laden determined to strike within the US." Reports conflict as to whether Bush yawned during the briefing.

    I am not a truther but given the grotesque incompetence and utter indifference of the Bushies towards terrorism prior to 9/11, I completely understand why truthers believe what they believe. I mean, how could a sitting US President be so blithely indifferent towards the safety of Americans? Oh yeah: he's George Bush.
  10. LOL! Hey dipshit, that's the definition of a truther!

    "Truthers" are the people who believe the 9/11 terror attacks were an inside job. That the Bush administration had advance knowledge of them and let them occur."

    Sorry, pal. You fucked up and there isn't any talking your way out of it.

    You're a truther, a wacko!

    BTW, do you really want to start digging up crap about who's to blame for 9/11? We can start with 2/26/93- which I'm sure you believe was another inside job.
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