President Truly Loathes Planet Earth

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    Union of Concerned Scientists Blasts Bush
    "President Truly Loathes Planet Earth"

    The Union of Concerned Scientists has released a 37-page report, " Scientific Integrity in Policymaking " which blasts the Bush administration for distorting scientific fact in order to pursue policies detrimental to the environment, public health and relating to biomedical research and nuclear weaponry. They also released a shorter statement summing up the report

    "The United States has an impressive history of investing in the capabilities of scientists and respecting their independence. This legacy has brought us sustained economic progress, science-based public health policy, and unequaled scientific leadership within the global community.
    "The Bush administration’s misuse of science threatens to undermine this legacy. Specifically, the administration has distorted and suppressed scientific findings at federal agencies that contradict administration policies; undermined the independence of science advisory panels by subjecting panel nominees to political litmus tests that have little or no bearing on their expertise; nominated underqualified individuals, or individuals with industry ties, to advisory panels; and disbanded some science advisory committees altogether."

    The statement lists a number of examples relating to: climate change, mercury emissions, reproductive health, childhood lead poisoning prevention, workplace safety, nuclear weapons, as well as "new rules that would bar government-funded researchers from serving as reviewers of the science underlying new regulations, while allowing industry-funded scientists to participate in the peer review process."

    I believe this is the first time any such esteemed group of scientists has ever singled out a President or Administration for such accusations, which, by using the word "distortions," come pretty close to calling them liars with regard to science. It seems like a ray of hope for truth that these eminent men have stood up to evil Bush regime. From a Wired Magazine article

    "We found a serious pattern of undermining science by the Bush administration, and it crosses disciplines, whether it's global climate change or reproductive health or mercury in the food chain or forestry -- the list goes on and on," said Kevin Knobloch, president of the Union of Concerned Scientists.
    The Bush regime has proven itself time and time again as a mere shill for big corporations which are basically destroying human life on earth. Regulations to protect people and the environment are being trashed despite scientific proof of the need for them from the government agencies themselves. In another article about the report of the Union of Concerned Scientists at SFGate website author Mark Morford states the obvious: the Bush regime hates the planet.

    Mother Nature, The Hate Crime : More than 60 world-class scientists agree: BushCo just really, really loathes this planet
    By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist
    Today's question: What do you get when more than 60 of the world's top scientists, 20 Nobel Laureates among them, get together and write one of the most scathing, damning reports in the history of modern science, aimed squarely at BushCo's thoroughly atrocious record of cover-ups and obfuscations and outright lies regarding the health of the planet?

    What do you get when those very scientists, a highly respected, nonpartisan group called the Union of Concerned Scientists, go on to claim that no other president in modern history has so openly misled the public or been so flagrantly disrespectful of scientific fact and mountains of irrefutable research, deliberately and systematically mutilating scientific data in the service of its rather brutal, pro-corporate, antienvironment agenda?

    If you answered, "Why, you get even more painful polyps of sadness and disgust on your soul due to the BushCo onslaught," consider yourself among the millions who are right now rather horrified and appalled and who are wondering just what sort of human -- not what sort of politician, mind you, not what sort of power broker, not what sort of failed Texas oilman corporate lackey -- but what sort of human being you have to be to enact such insidious ongoing planet-gouging legislation, smirking and shrugging all the way.

    [mentions story was buried by the mainstream media]

    Such is the national priority. After all, no one wants to hear how badly we've been duped by this administration, again. Given the nonexistent WMDs and the complete lack of Iraqi nukes and the bogus wars and manufactured fear and a galling budget deficit and nearly 3 million lost jobs and a raft of BushCo lies so thick you need a jackhammer to see some light, no one wants to know that even the world's top scientists are disgusted with our nation's leadership.

    We can, after all, take only so much abuse, can be only so karmically and ideologically hammered, before we become so utterly exhausted that we just stop caring.


    This is a president, after all, who truly believes he is doing God's will by turning this country into the most lawless, internationally loathed aggressor on the planet, something I'm sure is very reassuring to those countless thousands of dead Iraqi civilians.


    But, as the Union of Concerned Scientists point out, never has the oppression of fact been so systematic, so widespread, so repulsive as that which Bush has wrought. Never has the abuse been so flagrant, the border marking what's morally acceptable so shamelessly crossed.


    Not so easy, however, to dismiss a small army of nonpartisan, internationally respected scientists as just more agenda-thick political BS, as BushCo has done. To do so reeks of something far beyond mere name calling and dumb party maneuvering. It reeks of sheer heartlessness regarding the planet. It reeks of abuse. It reeks of hate.

    This, then, is the gist of the BushCo attack on the planet: a hate crime. An intentional, ferocious dismantling of protections and guidelines, a view that Mother Nature is nothing but a cheap resource to be exploited, a giant oil can to be suckled, a hunk of toilet paper for Dick Cheney to -- well, let's not imagine.


    This is like the saturation level of BushCo. Something's gotta give, you say. Surely some sort of ugly orgiastic critical mass has been reached wherein Bush and his planet-reaming policies simply cannot go any further without some sort of meltdown, some sort of massive international cosmic recoil whereby we finally see the Bush admin for what it is, quite possibly the most self-serving, egomaniacal cluster of enviro thugs in modern history.

    But with the Union of Concerned Scientists report, this sentiment goes one step further -- this is not just hate for the planet, not merely a blatant right-wing revulsion for those much-loathed intangible New Age-y touchstones like earthly vibration, energy, true spiritual connection and a deep veneration and sense of profound awe for the raw divinity of nature.

    This is more sinister, and more disturbing. BushCo's ugly rejection of not merely the "liberal" environmental politicking but also of the factual science of the natural world is, ultimately, a form of self-loathing.

    It is a snide and self-destructive rejection of the human-nature connection, of the very real and very direct correlation between how we treat our world and how we view ourselves, between what we choose to celebrate/annihilate in nature and what we venerate/devastate in own spirits. After all, the less regard you have for one, the less you care about the other. Simple, really.

    Look. We reflect the planet. The planet reflects us. And 60 out of 60 scientists agree: BushCo's time of reflecting nothing but cruel blackness and abuse needs to come to an end, right now.

    Good science is not a matter of political opinion. It consists of matters of fact, so far as the best knowledge we have can state. To reject science or try to distort it for political purposes, or to arrogantly ignore it altogether is indicative of the kind of wholesale absolute corruption for which the Bush regime has become world famous. Dumping these fanatics, voting them out of office or impeaching them, has become not just a grave matter of national security, but one of planetary security. It is in the interest of all humanity to get rid of this criminal gang of thugs and to make such ammendments to the Constitution as will prevent any future league of corporations from buying up the presidency and putting their pimp/whore in office -- ever again.

    Union of Concerned Scientists' full report (PDF) is available at their website:
  2. more garbage from a left wing anti-capitalist group. They have been exposed for a long time as having zero credibility.
  3. who exposed them?

    based upon what?

    is the article inaccurate?
  4. ONLY a selfish capitlaistic pig wouldn't be responsible about the environment. YOu must be just plain stupid to deny that we are using our natural resources faster than it takes to replenish them. What a rude awakening we- the world- are in for in the next thirty years.

    You AAA are part of the problem. You're such a selfish pig that you don't see, you can't see the big picture. People like you will be the first to perish. You be click clicking when the sea level rises ten feet in three years. You fucking retard. You scum of the planet. You god fucker. You god idiot. You make so sick Your brain and those puny thoughts are so utterly wrong that they're utterly disguting. You and people like you are the reason for these problems. SHORT-SIGHTED!

    Wake up moron. You will wake up when you're forced to; when even your small minded republicans and god idiot leaders announce the environmental catastrophy. Except those idiots will blame it on the wrath of god against the sinners right?

    The majority of the civilised world recognizes environmental danger, and yet you don't. Your short sightedness will be you undoing. I cannot enough express my hatred of your stupidity.


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    We must band together, those of us that are of the liberal, intellectual, elite!! We must get those damned humans off the planet!!
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    "More than 60 world-class scientists agree: BushCo just really, really loathes this planet

    Umm...gee... I don't know Maddie, what do you think?
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    We, the elite, educated, liberal elite (did I say that already) must band together, fight the people that want to manage the forests, keep them from building roads and clearing the brush, because it is habitat for you know, creatures of all sorts. When it all burns we will keep quiet about it for awhile. We must keep the bastard people OUT OF OUR ENVIRONMENT. BURN THE ENVIRONMENT!! Don't let the bastard people of earth use leaf blowers however.
  8. Get a life, loser. The biggest environmental problems facing us is shortage of parking lots for large SUV's and the fact that the gas pumps are so damn slow it takes all day to pump 30 gallons of OPEC into the tank. It is our right as Americans to drive a large V-8 with at least 300 HP, and it is our President's obligation to provide as much cheap gas as we need. That is what is meant by the expression "Defending the American way of life."

    Thank goodness we have a President from Texas, where the men are manly and not a bunch of homos driving hybrid Toyotas, who understands this. I am sick of hearing a bunch of environmentalist weenies wringing their hands over every damn bug and weed sitting in the way of progress. The latest is a bunch of idiots in California, where else, want to block the Mexican border security fence because of some nonsense about endangered species. I suppose they would prefer to have an army of illegal immigrants trampling it down. Idiots.

    You and your scientist friends can relax. Global warming is not a threat, and nothing man is doing is contributing to it in any measurable way. The climate has varied considerably over time and it is normal. What arrogance to think that this moment in time represents some sort of global climate perfection. If the oceans rise, they rise, and those affected will have to adapt.

    I think our President has been a very good steward of the environment, just as most hunters and fishermen are. He understands the land is there to be used and enjoyed, not left untouched like your girlfriend. We have enough oil under Alaska to run every SUV Detroit can build for the next 100 years. When we finish that off, we can build enough nuke plants to light every golf course in the country for night play.
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    Junk Science prevails. California legislators made every gas station replace their tanks. That put all the independents out of business at $450,000 per tank. Now the big oil companies rule the pricing. Guess what?? Some real scientists looked at the problem long after the damage was done. They concluded that there never, ever was any threat to any drinking water from any leaking gasoline tanks!! Well, actually they thought there might have been one case. Gas is way up since then and the environmentalist "scientists" are actually happy with that because they OPPOSE THE USE OF FUELS!!

    check out the links at

  10. You're such a selfish pig that you don't see, you can't see the big picture. People like you will be the first to perish.

    Your generic American suv lifestyle cannot physically last forever, enjoy it while it lasts.
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