President Romney (futures bets)

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  1. Just after the debate, the ES spiked over 5 points. As we get closer to election, I'm wondering if coal would be a good buy. He talked allot about energy.......thoughts?????
  2. I've been thinking the same thing. Coal has been drifting lower as Intrade's Obama's presidency odds have been drifting higher.

    If Romney pulls out a stunner, some single digit coal stocks could be 5-10 baggers.
  3. What energy stocks that obama hates-coal?
  4. ANR and JRCC would likely be two of the biggest % gainers if Romney can win.
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    Yes but Romney imo is a long shot.
  6. Obama has been using the EPA to put the hammer down on utility companies that use coal - which added to why coal got crushed. (Romney could reverse this immediately.)

    The other reason coal is down >>> natgas is cheap.

    Coal should spike on a Romney win (ANR/ACI/JRCC).

    Romney won't make natgas more expensive though so I'd sell any coal rally. I don't see natgas going to say 4.50 anytime soon, but that would help coal as much if not more than a Romney win.

    Romney win might actually bring oil down as he could allow alot more drilling and open up the XL pipeline which would increase supply.

    (I think Obama will win though.)

    THC/HMA might jump if Obama wins though they are up already.
  7. What about BTU (Peabody) ?
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    I thought Obama would be re-elected until the other day I happened across an article claiming that Obama who had the support of the big banks (GS, JPM, WTF, etc.)in 2008 now has no support according to this author that I cant remember. Without that big money his re-election is doubtful. Anyone else read this article?
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    Not sure if it's the same article, but WSJ ran something similar on Tuesday, but they focused on Goldman. The total contribution they were referring to was about $1M. I may just not be informed, but I didn't figure that'd be too much of a blow to the Obama campaign.

    The article not only said the money was no longer going to the Obama camp... but that it is now in the Romney wallet.

    The debate tonight should be interesting.
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    What do you think the reaction of the average voter is when they hear the big banks like Goldman are giving more to Romney this time around? In particular, do you think the middle aged white, male, blue collar workers, i.e., "joe the plumber", that are an important component of the Romney constituency want to be on the side of the big banks?

    My guess is that the Obama camp is very happy about these recent reports of shifts in political contributions. Maybe even behind them.
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