President of World Bank calls for world to scrap USD, adopt gold as reserve currency

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  1. By Chris Oliver, MarketWatch

    HONG KONG (MarketWatch) –- The president of the World Bank said in a newspaper editorial Monday that the Group of 20 leading economies should consider adopting a global reserve currency based on gold as part of structural reforms to the world’s foreign-exchange regime.

    World Bank chief Robert Zoellick said in an article the Financial Times that leading economies should consider “employing gold as an international reference point of market expectations about inflation, deflation and future currency values.”

    Zoellick said a return to some sort of currency link to gold would be “practical and feasible, not radical.”

    isn't this guy American? Why is he trying to destroy the USA?
  2. a better question is, why is the usa trying to destroy the usa...
  3. That is what biggest bankers did/do/will do. Home country is not spared. USA is not the first being done to.

    Causing conflicts or other crises among nations, so naitons have to borrow from bankers;
    Bankers have the most gold, even the gold in Fort Knox belongs to bankers. Bankers will be the biggest winners with a new Gold standard.
    Bankers may deliberately use the QE2 to provoke the world to dump dollar and switch to Gold.
  4. Time to surface some Zoellick sexual scandals (real or made up) and ask him to resign.