President Obama Is No Longer Tethered To Reality (was he ever?)

Discussion in 'Economics' started by jficquette, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. President Barack Obama’s speech to the nation Monday night was highly disturbing. Because read carefully, it reveals a president wildly divorced from the fundamental realities of the nation he is supposed to be leading.

    President Obama actually told America on national television that it is a nation “with a system in which the deck seems stacked against middle class Americans in favor of the wealthiest few.” It is incomprehensible how a man serving as president of these United States could make such a fundamentally false assertion about his own country.
  2. toc


    Time for the US Army to takeover the country and DIRECT the bastard politicians on correct course of actions as recommended by Bernanke and Geithner.

    Better rise to the call of the time or repent later on.

  3. He's absolutely right.

    All he's really done is rephrased the Golden Rule. I don't know anyone who disputes the practical reality that is the Golden Rule.
  4. Plainly said and true.

    Obama does, however, get an "F" for originality...