president obama and land slide dem voter turnout.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bgp, Feb 13, 2008.

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    look at the voter turnout for the dems and you will see who's going to win.

  2. Republican Party analysts note that both Ronald Reagan and the senior George Bush were elected after Republican primaries in which turnout was lower than in the Democratic primaries.---NYTimes
  3. As I have said in another thread, Hillary is getting her ass kicked and it couldn't happen to a nicer lady....

    Well, yes it could. In fact she is such a shrill, strident, bitchy, whiny, backstabbing jerk, that I am hoping we don't make the mistake of electing her to some important office, like dog catcher
  4. The Obama supporters remind me of the Ron Paul fanatics, clueless idiots who don't know what their supporting but are just drawn to the orator and his superfluous rhetoric of change.

    Ron Paul rails against the system yet loads up his bills with so many earmarks its ridiculous.

    Kudlow has the Obama tax hikes on his blog that will no doubt drive america into a recession.

    McCain is nothing more than an extension of Generalissimo Bush's reign of stupidity and incompetence.
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    remember what i said.

  6. Not really a Hillary fan either, but I still think a Clinton-Obama ticket would make a lot of sense. Yes, there is the Bill factor, some think positive based on his international experience and overall approval rating. Some think negative because of his trysts, which I don't personally think were nearly as bad as some of the stuff done to the U.S. during the last 7 years.

    We are desperate for change, and to some Hillary represents the same old, same old. Don't like to sound like political hack talking points, but that seems to be how the citizens are reacting.

    Both their platforms and stances are similar when reviewed. Many think there are no real platforms, just more rhetoric.

    The Republicans will have to do better than McCain to beat either Democrat, IMO.

    I have maintained my Independent registration for a long time, and see no reason to change it. But, it's hard to pick from such a small, lesser than 2 evils type of thing yet one more time. I didn't vote for Bill Clinton, and didn't vote for Bush, not a good voting record if winning is all that counts, but I like to think an open minded record.

  7. The clueless one is YOU.

    Why don't you go look up his answer to this criticism, which he answer with no hiccups, coughs or reservation. He represents his districts and that's what they wanted. He serves the people, not the other way around.

    Go vote for Hillary or crazy Huckabee, just don't complain at the very predictable results.
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    i happen to like ron paul. the problem is he's not in the club and the media gives him know attention and people are too complacent.

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    Ron Paul is a looney.....

    Probably won't even be re-elected in his own district.....

    Once he started speaking out in public the local people realized how nutty he really is.....

    Stick a fork in him.....he's done.....