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    war hero

    "the horror...the horror..."

    war hero

    the horror..."the horror..."
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    What's your point?

  3. War hero's like to watch horror movies?
  4. McCain to win contract is 37.9%

    Obama to win contract is 58.2%

    My call is McCain never gets the lead. :cool:

    BTW - take a look at the HRC contract trading 6% or so.

    That shitty corrupt pig is just in it to pay herself back as much of the 31M "loan" as she can get from the dumb Chinese scumbags that own her. What a disgrace.

    One wonders how accurate this is, when Guiliani still has a 2.7% chance of being the Republican nominee, when McCain has more than enough delegates...

    BTW - take a look at the HRC contract trading 6% or so.

    HRC is assisting McCain, so more power to her. Hope she takes it to the convention with this FL-MI thing...
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    "I will NEVER surrender in Iraq, my friends. I will NEVER surrender in Iraq. I'll bring the troops home, but I'll bring them home with VICTORY and honor," McCain said in a speech today.

    (Now we know why he had no problem talking about 100 years over there)!

    In the last days of the Vietnam War, Nixon's slogan was "peace with honor."

    McCain's slogan seems more along the lines of "VICTORY or DEATH!!!"

  7. If he can even win, he'll need nearly all surviving Reps to have sustainable vetos, won't he?
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    If recent history is a measure, I don't think we can count on members of Congress (Republican OR Democrat) to stand in the way of the Commander in Chief in matters of war.

    They just don't have the political balls for that.
  9. to these people Victory is death... war is peace... 100 years is a minute.... and crazy mccain is sharp as a tack.
  10. Look for an RNC/McCain troop withdrawal scam from Petraeus this fall. That little faggot will say anything to keep the money coming.

    Still, I still don't see how McCain gets by a recession.
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