President Hillary Clinton - Best for the Economy !!

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    Let me start by saying I'm not partisan in anyway as a matter of fact I'm Canadian, so I have no bias other then to observe as an outsider.

    Sometimes when your too close, you can't see the forest through the tree's.

    I've been a professional in the markets through 4 Presidents now form Reagan to current and I've seen the affects that policies and governments have on market behavior for over 25 years and trust me there is a correlation no matter what anyone tells you.

    During the Clinton administration the markets went NUTZ and traders made boat loads of money because foreigners absolutely love the guy and invested heavily into the country because they liked him and his attitudes and policies.

    This is something that you Americans never really understood but Bill is still loved Internationally, even here in Canada we can't get enough of the guy and he does tons of speaking engagements here and abroad.

    My thinking is that should another Clinton get back into office ( and trust me I'm not really a big Hillary fan), then foreign investment into American markets will go nutz again and we as traders will clean up.

    This graph was posted in another thread but I think it tells the story best.
  2. It's too bad she's the worst for civil liberties.
  3. 1. Coincidence.... had nothing to do with "Bill". Market rallied on "money pump on steroids".. nothing else.

    2. Foreigners will NOT invest heavily in US with the outlook for severe currency weakness.

    3. Foreigners SHOULD invest heavily in US.. but not until the average American has been bankrupted by currency debasement... but that won't be for another 30 years (hopefully)

  4. BIAS: Bias may result from opining on a subject while holding a particular viewpoint on the subject, and not applying neutral point of view correction to the process, whether consciously or unconsciously.

    Thanks for clearing that up, I'm sure most people on the board will be more successful traders now thanks to you telling them the market went NUTZ during the late 90's. Did you ever hear of a semi-strong efficient market ?

    So the only reason the market went up in the 90's was because Bill Clinton was well liked??
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    Your ideal's are well based but your answers are radical.

    The problem with America as I see it is too much Left and Right and not enough Middle.
  6. Radical? How about common sense...

    The political Left wants to confiscate huge amounts of wealth and distribute to the have-nots so they will continue to vote for the DemoCraps.

    The "Radical" Right doesn't want the Left to do it. Duh!

    Bill O'Reilly, host of the TV show, "The O'Reilly Factor", comments that the top tax bracket.. when including ALL the taxes, are paying 60% of their earnings in tax. And the DemoCraps say, "that's not enough"... "you need to pay more so that we can give money and benefits to those who don't work".

    Sounds like BULLSHIT to me..
  7. You're right, but this thread is like fighting a losing battle, OP has no clue; thinks the market going up has nothing to do with monetary/fiscal policy, productivity, etc...just as long as the president it well-liked by Canadians.
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    Your saying that the average American needs to go bankrupt through dollar devaluation before this situation can be fixed :confused:

    I think the common sense answer is a lot easier then that.

    STOP spending so much money on a war that is accomplishing NOTHING would be a great start.

    Getting your house back in order financially is not that hard right now but in another 3 years of government waste it will be impossible.
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    Did you trade through 4 presidents ?

    Did you observe price action changes live as I did ?

    Trust me there is a correlation. :)

    Foreign Investment in equity markets makes a huge difference and it's not just Canadians (we are peanuts) he is loved Internationally.
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