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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brandonf, Apr 18, 2009.

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    I've got a question.

    Whenever you want to talk to an Obama supporter about something he is doing they say "Bush did it too!!!!" and that is supposed to be that. Or "where were you during the Bush years? Obama isn't doing anything President Bush didnt do".

    I agree! President Obama has essentially just continued along pretty much the same as President Bush. So given that your defence to everything seems to be "Bush did it too!!" why did you hate Bush so much, and all he did was exactly what Obama is doing?

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    Here is something I just read in ETR, some good stuff.

    In a broad sense, the population is roughly divided into three categories of cognitive processing:

    Left-brain thinking (very logical and concrete)…
    Right-brain thinking (very creative, “out of the box” worldview)… and…
    No-brain thinking.
    That third category, unfortunately, dominates the world. Id-driven thugs rule with brute, unthinking force all over the map. They of course need logical assistants to run things, and right-brain creatives to write their speeches… but the final decisions rest with the knucklehead.

    The first folks to get hung in any revolution are the smart ones, you know.

    The triumph of modern democracy rests on the First Amendment, with its guaranteed protection of free speech (and, implied, free thought as well). We take it for granted… but most of the rest of the world enjoys no such freedom.

    So the upside of life in the U.S. is that everyone gets to talk freely to each other. The downside… is that few of us actually know HOW to talk to another human so we’re understood.
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    None of the Obama lovers have an interesting.
  4. In real life, I spend most of my time criticizing him, but in real life I also spend most of my time with folks who have some sort of grip on reality. Folks who hang out in P&R over here, not so much.
    Yes, I agree the bank plan he came up with just continues the same crap Bush came up with. I agree with Krugman: nationalize 'em, break 'em up, and then put the pieces that survive back out on the private market.
    On Iraq and Afghanistan, I have no beef. I also think he's mostly continuing Bush there, with some modifications.
    On the stimulus, I think I've made it clear elsewhere that I have no problem with deficit spending in a crisis. Yes, technically, you could say this continues Bush, but only because Bush had no spine, and no judgment.
    Health policy is no continuation at all, and I actually like the way he's implementing it. I know, he knows, and he knows I (and every other citizen) knows, that this will mean more taxes, though.
    On torture, in an ideal world he would have had his predecessors prosecuted. No way this could happen in real life though.
    On this issue, I truly don't understand the right. This country stood against torture for 200 years. Is it really worth throwing it away when we didn't even do it after being directly attacked at Pearl Harbor? This is a serious question.
    I'm sure there's other stuff.
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    Partisan Libtards are just as brainwashed as their Neoconned brethren.

    Americans no longer vote (and think) based on principles. They vote (and think) based on PARTY. Red Team. Or Blue Team.

    Talk of principles is only invoked by the losers to derail the oppositions base. And by the winners to make excuses for why their boy had "no choice" but to ignore the Constitution.

    The lunacy of it all is both Repubs and Libs actually believe their own hypocrisy when deriding the other guy for violating the Constitution. Yet, when its their turn in the Cat bird seat, they're quick to capitalize on that same power they had blasted the opposition for having exploited, prior to their election.

    This is why America is fucked and will not last another 10 years, as a Free Republic.

    Neither side gives a shit about the Constitution, so long as their Team gets to head up the controls every few years.
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    Most people take it for granted this idea that everyone is playing the partisan political game - that there are only 2 sides and you are one or the other or if not that you are in the mushy middle. All bad assumptions that make discussing politics from a libertarian or even a socialist point of view very difficult. People have all these talking points that are crafted to go against the other party and they literally don't know how to respond if they get in a discussion with a truly independent mind.
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    Its because %96 percent of the people are on autopilot mentally when it comes to politics. People on the right in this case (I hate the terms right and left but we'll use them for this discussion) are behaving according to conditioned thinking, so long as we fly the flags high and give lipservice to social conservativism they go along with it.

    Yep, which is EXACTLY why we should have a Constitution. The more we get away from the Constitution, the more reactionary we become.