President Bush resigns

Discussion in 'Politics' started by michaelscott, Jun 18, 2007.

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    OOps. Wrong President. I guess I was daydreaming.
  2. Put the hash pipe down..
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    He was taking it too serious ... trying to say that we should not loose hope when bad things happen in life ... he's basically having the same problem ... haha ... that is fucking childish ... He didn't even live more than 20 years after that ... what difference would it have made if he did or did not loose hope ... his speech was really childish, stupid and he was almost gonna cry ... that is totally fucked up ...

    in the end of the video the guy quotes nixon: "the judgment of history depends on who writes it" ... that is whining ... it's like saying if people write bad things about me then they are misjudging ... who gives a fuck about history and history books ... I hardly remember what I did yesterday ... why should I care what a cheap worthless animal did some 100 or 1000 years ago ... all the people of the past are fucking dead now and worms and bacteria have consumed their pathetic and worthless existence ...

    I don't even believe in a future ... who guarantees my future ... according to NASA which has a multi billion budget we should have built houses and green houses on mars by the year 2000, so in case the fake global warming comes to take our cheap existence we can run away ...

    humans always find someone to worship ... and when that someone starts fucking them in the eyeball they start crying and looking for someone else to worship! ... that is basically the past and the future of these cheap entities
  4. I think this is more of a meth overdose situation...
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    definitely a hash pipee..
  6. If I may say one thing about Nixon and that he was a great man. Why was he great? Thats because he knew when to call it quits. He did what was best even though it went against his fabric. Thats a great man. A great man is one who does what is right and Nixon resigned which was the right thing to do for the country.

    Bush, on the other hand, doesnt know when enough is enough. He keeps things going and going even though its obviously the wrong thing.
  7. Nixon was a war criminal. He ordered the secret carpet bombing of Cambodia - an air campaign in which more bombs were dropped than by all allied forces in WW II. These figures have recently come to light in research based on US military records made public during the Clinton years.

    The greatest terrorist of modern times.

    Bush is yet to descend to the same depths as Nixon, but there is time yet.
  8. Your right. We should leave Iraq immediately and let everyone
    kill each other until there is no one left. And then Iran can move in
    and take over while they build nuclear bombs. And then Iran can
    nuke half of the Middle East and oil will go up to $20 a gallon.

    But that's okay. One half of the Muslims will be dead along with the
    Jews in Israel, so who cares.

    This is such a good idea we should give you an award for dreaming it up.
  9. I bet JFK didn't do anything at all while he was president. In fact,
    I believe he sent ice cream cones over to the people in Vietnam
    to make them happy. He was such a nice man for starting the war
    in Vietnam, everybody seems to love him for it.

    Especially when he sent those candy bars that one time.

    Wait! Just a minute! Democrats don't start wars! They are a peacefull
    loving people that didn't have anything to do with WWI, WWII,
    the Korean war, the Vietnam war and other wars.

    Gosh, you have to give them credit for being so nice to everyone.

    And the best thing is, they like to save Owls and stuff.
  10. Yes, JFK did start the Vietnam war (or the American war as the Vietnamese more correctly call it), and LBJ really got the party going. In fact LBJ started the bombing of Cambodia but Nixon scaled it up to almost inconceivable proportions. Democrat or Republican - not a lot of difference and all blame worthy.
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