President Bush raises 100 mill in 100 days,beats Clinton

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  1. oops what happened to the mass media lies abt bush being unpopular

    Bush: $100 million in 100 days for library at SMU

    Even with the recession, former President George W. Bush is off to a quick start in fundraising $300 million for his presidential library and policy center in Dallas.

    As TIME reports, Bush has raised $100 million in 100 days. That's the same amount that former president Bill Clinton hoped to raise in a year--and fell short because of a pardon scandal, according to the magazine.

    Donors to presidential libraries can donate unrestricted amounts of money. As the story explains, the Bush team has turned to a campaign model to reach its goal, with a national finance committee and 100 co-chairs in each state. Seems like it's working.

    "Considering the current economic climate, we're very pleased with where we are," Rob Saliterman, a Bush foundation spokesman, recently told the Morning News.
  2. Bush "got the job done" for a few well connected interests. The rest are morons for believing in him.
  3. Bush and Clinton are two dip shits who hate each other who will now have two dip shit liberry's in two dip shit neighboring states who also hate each other.

    I say the whole lower have of the country should declare their independence and get the fuxx off the continent already...and take those two dip shits with you. Vanish MF'ers

  4. Have you lost your mind? The lower half is the south I assume. Who is going to launch the space program if you take out Florida Texas (if you include california US will have NO space launch sites at all on the continent)
  5. Just think, he didn't have to sell any pardons, give away technology to our enemies or protect Osama Bin liden for that money.
  6. They have no waves and no fish and a dead zone that goes out 1000's of sq miles. And every young slut has the "mark of the whole" on her lower back I fucking can't stand that shit.

    And space travel is much more efficient from Guyana...better centrifugal force. They can fall off the face of the earth and die and the world would be better for it.

  7. Two trillion in sunk cost in Iraq alone. It's gonna take 10 years just remove all equipment from Iraq under current operational tempo. Ya think that's been under lock and key the whole time. Can you say "sold!"

    Bush and his supporter's and the NeoCon's folly in Iraq will probably go down as the single worst maneuver in American history.

    It's the gift that we will be perpetually paying for.

  8. Arnie


    Hittin' the sauce a little early today, eh Doc? :D