President Bush orders draft reinstated!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Riskmanager, May 6, 2004.

  1. LMAO:D
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    Two comments here. One, there is no way in hell the draft will be re-instated. At least not by the right. Think about it. What's the fastest way for Bush to lose support for the war? Well, re-instating the draft of course. Won't happen.

    And two, I think it's not in good taste to demean the military. A lot of men and women are courageously serving over seas to protect your freedoms and you are belittling their occupation. Good job.
  3. trust me Mav, if Bush is re-elected, his admin will absolutely try to re-instate the draft.
  4. Speaking of things that U.S. citizens have duties to do (or not do I guess) am I the only one who actually wants to get a jury summons? Sounds like fun to me...

  5. incredibly boring. sit and wait...sit and wait....don't get picked...sit and wait...
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    No way, won't happen. I'll tell you what, go to and make a market in that and I'll hit the bid. Make sure you have some size on that bid.
  7. you are a stubborn little fellow!!!!!!!
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    Of course it won't happen before the election, that would be political suicide (just like raising interest rates). But I wouldn't be surprised if a big marketing campaign to reinstate the draft starts soonafter the election, linking patriotism and duty to military service, explaining how reluctantly it's necessary to fight terrorism, etc etc etc. I suspect the viability studies and means of implementation are already in place by the White House/Pentagon and it just needs the go ahead and support of the President. BTW, I'm conflicted about the draft as I think people should support their country by whatever means they can, but that's another discussion. And look for interest rates to rise right after the election too. :)
  9. hostile government is the enemy and needs to be brought to heel....they can suck my salty balls and if they try this shit, local "draft boards" should be burned to the ground......

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