President Bush is making laws faster Obama can promise to rescind

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  1. November 18, 2008
    President Bush is making laws faster than President-elect Obama can promise to rescind them.

    President Bush is pushing through a ruling that will make it more difficult for women to get contraceptives. The loosening of restrictions makes it easier for health care workers to conscientiously object to filling birth control prescriptions and the like. The ruling also enjoys the support of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, which pretty much says it all.

    Aides to President-elect Obama said he would try to rescind the ruling once he takes office, but that the process that could take three to six months. President Bush is also sticking his pals in cush civil service jobs, and looking at giving himself a pardon.

    What other last minute Bush laws is Obama going to have to undo?

    The "Dick Cheney Cannot Be Prosecuted" Law
    This extends Vice President Cheney's immunity all the way through Jan 20, 2010. The extension gives him one year from Obama's inauguration to wrap up any war crimes that are still left in his system.

    The Roe-troactive Abortion Ruling
    This law prohibits all abortions, retroactively, even if you've never had one. If you've ever or never had an abortion, you will be prosecuted.

    The 9/11 Hijacker Dual Citizenship Law
    This law confers posthumous Iraqi citizenship on all the 9/11 hijackers, thus making the reasoning behind the Iraq War about 50% more plausible.

    The Blackwaturburton Law
    This law deregulates the mercenary industry, allowing Halliburton and Blackwater to merge into one special ops superarmy, Blackwaturburton, which will be able to interfere with elections right here in America, instead of always going overseas.

    The We're Actually Making Terrorists Stronger Law
    This law looks at various enhanced interrogation techniques employed at Gitmo and rules that if it didn't kill you, it made you stronger.

    The Well, Maybe You Were Weak to Begin With Law
    A corollary to The We're Actually Making Terrorists Stronger Law, this law states that anyone who did die during enhanced interrogation was weak and probably going to get diabetes or something anyway.

    The This Never Happened Law
    This law states that not only did Al Gore win the 2000 election, but he also beat Jeb Bush in 2004. So when you look at it that way, the last eight years never happened, so get off George's back.