President and vice President Gerald Ford dies

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  1. God rest his soul...Dead at the age of 93...he was the 38th President of the USA under extraordinary circumstances.

    His home was Rancho Mirage, Ca. ....took office after Nixon's exile...he granted Nixon a pardon...

    Trivia...showed up at his own wedding with two different colored shoes...and once he was locked out of the White House after he left to walk his dog...

    Michael B.

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  2. 93 is kinda kickin on there, you gotta admit.
    james brown, ford, reagan.....
    the big 70 kinda stalls things, huh, except for JAMES BROWN!!!!

    Can someone explain,. how this could occur........
    I heard the phrase , "rock star", applied here, in trading terms no less.........

    im beginning to understand what it actually means.

    Im convinced, gerald ford, was not james brown.

    I do feel for the widow, though.
    "Get on up, ohhh, get on up, get on up, whahoa, yoah, get on up."
  3. Acro, Is this for real?

    It was not the first time he had been accused of domestic violence. In 1987, his third wife, Adrienne, filed for divorce after claiming that Brown had hit her with an iron pipe and fired at her car. She died in 1996 from complications after eight hours of liposuction.
  4. Damn, President Ford dead.

    I thought for sure he'd die sooner do to all the head trauma sustained tripping, slipping and falling down stairs during his term in the White House.

    Anyone remember the attack bunny that went after Ford? The President was taking in a morning of fishing when this rabbit appeared out of nowhere and went for the presidents leg.

    The Secret Service had to intervene lol:D
  5. How would i know dude, he was a rock and roller , a bad boy, someone who's creative genius clashed somewhat with legal normalcy.

    SHIT, i hadnt heard about the lipo thing, but odds are its a coincidence of some sort.

    Like Sinatra, protected from on high, a man , a symbol, bigger than the law, or common sense, an icon.

    Unlike sinatra however, a damp squib of feeling and emotion, this man actually did have soul .

    Nobodie's perfect.
  6. Well it just goes to show you..Jack Benny and his rumored need for a blowjob before each performance, from the stage hooker may even be true...

  7. You have to elaborate on this one. I've heard a lot of them, but a bj before each show? What a trouper!

    I'll feed you one. Groucho talked a bout a hooker who followed the vaudevillians from St. Paul to Minneapolis and back again. He said they called her the "Tail of Two Cities".

    Now, give.
  8. Supposedly it was a well known fact within the internal gossip of the set personnel. Jack would claim it calmed his nerves and he needed this to perform.
  9. Arnie


    It wasn't was Carter.
  10. Other than the pardon, you'd have to read the paper today to find anything to remember him by.

    Hope there's a football game on when they do the funeral. A Jaws rerun would be ok too.
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