President Ahmadinejad: Man of the Year

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  2. Well, is he man of the year, or person of the year?
    As a good brainwashed fanatical muslim, he would object to being called a person, no?
    That could (blasphemy) imply a woman could be as good as him.
    You know that wont wash, its ....its un-islamic.
  3. Pat is getting old, i actually was surprised by Time's choice and agree with it. i probably would have gone with the founders of YouTube but it is the dynamic that is important. granted the internet has been around for quite some time, but the wholesale ability for joe six pack to publish video/media is the best tool freedom loving people have ever had. this marks the death of monopolistic control the "old media" has enjoyed since the birth of television.

    as evident by the latest attempt of at&t and other telco's' to gain control of the internet, i believe Time magazine's staff recognize the loss of control they have witnessed this past year. the old gatekeepers have lost their power and the only way to get the genie back in the bottle is martial law, heaven forbid.
  4. Sort of.

    But it's really the emergence of the technology to easily/cheaply stream video.
    The YouTube guys were just ** crooked enough ** to ignore all laws... and got lucky.
    The whole phenomenon was happening anyway.
  5. >> Why do a billion Muslims prefer Ahmadinejad to America?
    >> That is the question that needs to be addressed.

    It's not America... it's all Infidels.

    One billion Muslims have been brainwashed as children...
    To hate all infidels and countless other forms of intolerance...
    Towards Jews, women, gays, etc, etc

    And all haters will unite... as one can see.

    Buchanan has clearly and completely lost his Moral Compass...
    And is no longer relevant...
    When his sh*t is published only in places like WorldNetDaily.
    It's a very, very sad thing about what has happened with Pat.
  6. thats why i wrote this statement: " i probably would have gone with the founders of YouTube but it is the dynamic that is important."
  7. After re-reading the piece...
    It's not so crazy after all...
    And is widely circulated on places like here:

    (1) Buchanan clearly compares "A" to Hitler.

    (2) "A" is pretty much a media creation... largely a Western media creation.
    Within Iran he is a puppet... nothing more.

    (3) The "billion Muslim" line is disingenous...
    Because the Arabs hate the Persians...
    And "A" is a mortal enemy of all Sunni Muslims.

    (4) Minus Israel and minus America... the Muslim world would be 99% as violent.
    Israel and America are just "straw men" to excuse endless power struggles in the Mid-East.

    (5) The lesson may be sinking in.
    Only ruthlessness is respected in the Muslim world.
    The Brits blowing up a "police station" in Basra today is a sign of things to come.

    The Iranian nuke program will be gone by the end of 2007.
  8. i see you deleted your other post.
  9. i vote for Putin as man of the century.....a nice checkmate to the ashkenazi scum now inhabiting ISNTREAL.
  10. I'm convinced that any propaganda emanating from the Zionist neocon communist filth is all spurious. Everything they put out in the "liburruul" media is suspect and is put out with the main purpose of destroying america. America is being destroyed from within by communists in disguise aka neocon filth. Regular americans would be wise to do the exact opposite of what these filthy communist scum and their puppet government officials put out in the government controlled media.
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