Preserving a national heritage

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    The name of Darrell Jordan, a reputed Dallas lawyer and a mayoral candidate in the upcoming Dallas mayor elections in May 2007, is one that is always associated with the Cotton Bowl Stadium. Darrell Jordan has spent over ten long years in trying to raise support and fund for the renovation of the Cotton Bowl stadium. Jordan envisions a stadium that could welcome a Super Bowl, college basketball’s Final Four and lavish indoor concerts performed by Garth brooks, U2 or the Rolling Stones.

    The Cotton Bowl had lost out on its Tier I bowl ranking in August 1994 when college football's bowl alliance set up a system in which the top games each January would rotate among other climate-controlled or dome stadiums. A lot has happened since Jordan took up the cause and approached engineer Thomas Taylor, who conceived the notion of putting a dome on the city's landmark in a way that would honor, rather than destroy, its original Art Deco design.

    Darrell Jordan then began drumming up support and raising money. Jordan approached Coca-Cola and came away with a $500,000 pledge toward building the Cotton Dome. Coke's $500,000 remains the largest of $37 million in commitments so far. The relentless efforts of Jordan to raise support for the renovation of the Cotton Bowl Stadium will surely serve to gain him a higher stand than the other candidates in the mayoral race.