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Discussion in 'Trading' started by monee, Aug 2, 2001.

  1. monee


    last week has been difficult for me. June was good first three weeks of july ok but last week very difficult s&p / nasdaq daily charts in breakout mode and my strategies work best when indices in a trading range.As a prudent trader did not have the nerve to buy semis at open in hindsite it was a mistake.On a positive note have stuck to my rules,losses on each trade extremely small but commissions are eating into my account.Presently trade in 500 share lots if I get back on track will raise lot size to 700 so commissions will have less impact on bottom line.
  2. huby


    Commissions can be a killer. Who's your broker? I would recommend switching to IB (Interactive Brokers). You can find MORE than enough info on this board about them before you make the decision. I've been extremely happy with them and have saved tons and tons of money in commissions.

    Good luck to everyone. This is a very tough market to make any money in. Hopefully volume and these tight ranges will improve soon.
  3. monee


    huby have thought about switching brokers presently pay $14 a trade plus ecn fees and do 1-3 round trips a day. Have had no technical problems with them in 1 year and am leery about switching have seen many complaints about other brokers.