Preseason W/L does't mean squat

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by TGregg, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. TGregg


    Just noticed that the Detroit Lions (who haven't won a regular season game since December 2006) won all four preseason games last season. Then set an impressive 16 game losing streak and became the first team to lose all 16 games in a single season.

    So far, they've lost one. So maybe they'll have a better year. :)
  2. Topper


    Yup. This season is going to be awesome for Detroit but the entertainment value isn't going to be in hoping they win a game, it's going to be in watching their first round draft pick get slaughtered! Can't wait
  3. Alvin


    who said it did?

    but, actually, it does. coaches make their final decision on starters for beginning of regular season, and team offense gets up to speed.

    the first cuts come just after pre-season.
  4. Alvin


    One more thing,

    Coach doesn't want to start season on a loss so last pre-season game must be a winner!
  5. I get a little insight about who might surface for my fantasy team.
    Watch Finley TE Green Bay. I've read that he's uncoverable and preseason has him breaking out this year ...we'll see.