Preseason Football

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  1. Not getting it via Time Warner. They're in negotiations with
    the NFL to package it but can't come to an agreement. Meantime sunday and no football? Over half my cable is garbage they can keep televangelists and home shopping out the wazoo ...I'll trade like 30 garbage channels for one football game.

    Know of an internet tv hack that broadcasts football ....American football, is there another?

    Any fantasy footballers?
  2. fhl


    but don't tell anybody

  3. I love Primer League and hope that there are some members in our Forum have the same favourite
  4. well which team that you love and would be fan?
  5. Hi guys, love to hear that have got some one who love to watch PM in this forum, my favourite team is Liverpool
  6. Man U is the best , Rooney can be the best player :D
  7. How about Chelsea?
    This is the champion team
  8. I'm not a huge NFL fan but since it's this time of year and I'm Jones'in for some football I watched a few these pre-season games. A few thoughts.

    1) if Alex Smith keeps his shit together the SF 49'er are gonna be very good for several years. They've put together a very strong young talented defense. I love Samurai Mike.

    2) the Steelers could launch the Big Ben Baggage and be fine with Dennis Dixon. I loved him at Oregon and had he not torn his ACL he'd be the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner.

    3) Kevin Kolb doesn't have a chance in that league. He's not Philly's future.

    4) Cowboys look OK. I still don't trust Romo
  9. won't be same w/o Madden :(
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