Pres Obama to the Rescue!

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  1. Automakers, Obama announce mileage, pollution plan.

    WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama wants drivers to go farther on a gallon of gas and cause less damage to the environment — and be willing to pick up the tab.

    When is this guy gonna cure cancer? Next week? lol
  2. Illum


    Awesome, he is picking up the tab! Wait how much money is in his bank account? OR am I paying? Not so awesome. Glad "he" decided I should drive a rice burner, thx Obama.

    "35.5 miles per gallon"

    Everyone drive the new Pelosi Prius.
  3. goodbye fun cars...

    At least for a while. Think the mid-seventies to late nineties, what turds occupied the roads back then...

    Hopefully there'll be soem cars that have potential to be made fun by tinkerers. Or like some of Carroll Shelby's econo/sports cars: hold down he radio button and press the rear defrost 5x quickly and it totally changes the car's ecu programming to add like 50 hp. lol
  4. For 1300 bucks, I could double my gas mileage.
  5. Good. More injuries and deaths due to more of us driving sardine cans. Oh, Nobama didn't talk about that part (backed by numerous studies and data)?

    Well, I guess this will let him test his new health care system more thoroughly as well.
  6. pspr


    Nice how he bypassed congress so there would be no public input.
  7. He's doing AWESOME.

    He has single handedly destroyed what remained of the Republican Party. The bunch of gay, drug abusing, gun lovers that they are.
  8. TGregg


    Good reasons to drop the nation wide speed limit down to a safe 40 MPH. Think of the gas and lives we'll save. Plus, more people will move into the cities were they can be taxed and controlled.

    OK, 40 might be a bit extreme (for now). But you can bet we'll hear cries for 55 again. Maybe 50.
  9. And with more deaths, we speed up the economic recovery because this will be a boost to the unemployment crisis.

    More Green Shoots! Dow 20,000 by his 400th day in office!
  10. skylr33


    Obama is a piece of shit!!!!! America's first socialist dictator!!!!! As for the Republicans being dead, LOL!!!!!!!!! Just wait for the next congressional election. The Demo'craps' are already digging their grave, with morons like Pelosi, and fudge packer, pillow biter extraordinaire Barney Frank at the helm.
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