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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Kovacs, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Kovacs


    I trade the ES futures and gather this information before the day:

    - ES pivots
    - GLOBEX high/low
    - Previous day high/low/close
    - Significant daily/weekly/monthly levels
    - General market news
    - Any notable news in energy, financials, industrials, technology, retail, and transportation.

    Am I missing something crucial?
  2. How about fibs and trend lines?
  3. I would say the key piece of information you are missing would be market prediction from the sharpest poster on ET:


    (of course the predictions are not in real-time... so you will need to take that into consideration).
  4. Kovacs


    I haven't researched the efficacy of fibs. I keep forgetting the trendlines for the longer term (daily and higher) charts.

  5. I think fibs work best when in confluence with other S/R levels - as do most things.

    Good trading.
  6. How bout a few Adderall and a pot of coffee?
  7. Kovacs


    More like two shots of espresso and three Marlboros.
  8. Since this thread took a turn anyway, the herb vinpocetine really does wonders for my thinking, I usually have one of those in the morning.
  9. I'll stick with the Adderall and coffee
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