Preparing for the correction

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Comptalk, May 2, 2007.

  1. With all of these up days, there has to be a correction somewhere down the line. In the anticipation for this downturn, can someone recommend where I can go short on both the Nasdaq and NYSE? I'd rather not do stock by stock, as I am rarely right on shorts. Also, if I balance my portfolio with these short posisitions, I would rather keep my current holding but to balance the losses with the shorts. I am not really into tech. Mostly China (CHDX,JST,GSH), Energy (ALY, SJW), BIO (CRDC, JNJ), Gold (GG,GLD,EZPW), etc. Mostly out of tech, semi, and internet; except for ADBE. Also have some WAG.

    Any recs on how to posisition myself?
  2. mini dow futures YM
  3. S2007S





  4. I need a thread where there is 150% bullish, until we get there, I ride the bench
  5. Fractal