Preparing for the Amero

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by lpchad, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. lpchad


    Just wondering what fellow ETers are doing in anticipation of the Amero. I want to position myself accordingly for the announcement and be ready for our new currency.

    What are you doing to prepare for this eventuality?
  2. Personally, I'm too busy laughing at the concept.
  3. Nothing because it is total absurd nonsense spouted by nitwit kooks.

    This isn't even good enough for Chit Chat. Can we please start an "Absurd Nonsense" forum?
  4. Put on my gold chains and riot in the fucking street!

    Then find a nice country to move to.

    The Amero...there will be so much unrest if this were to happen. There will be unrest already, but there is no way in hell, IMO, that we will go that dreadful route, the people will finally wake up and serve themselves right by the constitution! And it won't be pretty!
  5. Were you laughing at the Euro also?
  6. without getting into to much detail....

    I know someone who is very high up in the u.s. gov't. the things that will be happening in the next 6 months will be crazy. the amero is a 100% guarantee.
  7. TGregg


    Obama musta cut funding for the nuthouses. :(
  8. clacy


    At some point, I would foresee a "world" currency. We are obviously a LONG way away from that.

    As for a North American currency, what is the point? We already have close to that between the Canadian Dollar and the US Dollar. Mexico? No one cares about Mexico, or wants to have anything to do with their currency. Who else is there? Nobody, so I just don't see how it would be an advantage to anyone other than the unimportant (tiny) countries in N. America
  9. Consolidation of all the European currencies was a good idea in theory, so I could see it happening and it made some sense when it did. Unfortunately, one central bank for all those economies...well, we're seeing what happens now.

    The Amero is a completely different story, and drawing a comparison to the Euro is just a tad on the silly side. But just a tad.
  10. So is this amero BS or a possibility?
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