Preparing for climate change,cheaper then letting sh444 happen according to MW

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  1. This market watch commentator actually makes sense. No matter what if climate change is man made or natural you must be prepared for the effects. There are some people no matter what if you tell them something bad will happen will do nothing to be prepare for them, till after its too late , and then they will blame everybody but themselves. Look at all of the californians who year after year lose their homes to fires,earthquakes, or the people year after year lose their homes to tornandos and windstorms in the midwest, or the hundreads that die every year due to heat waves, the people who die because of hurricanes. People should be be prepared but there will always be people who deny it so why not. The same people denying climate change now are the same people who will make law suits years from now. Look at all of the people who in the 50's denied smoking caused cancer, then flash foward to the 70's and 80's sued the hell out of the tabbacco companies.
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    Climate change is no big deal.
  3. To whom is it not a big deal?
    The analogy would be the statement that deficit spending is not a big deal - probably true for a while until you have a mountain of debt that can't be repaid.

    Climate change is not a big deal to those who can afford to move or secure shelter in a changing environment - but it could be fatal to those people and species that can't adapt.

    If you believe you are the steward of the planet, and the bible shows that man is the steward of the land and animals around him, then you should care about climate change.

    Climate change deniers are on the wrong side of history and of God's commands.
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    Its the Sun, T-boy.

    That gigantic star that warms our cozy part of space burns in varied intensity. Every 15 years, or so. Otherwise known as "sun spots". Amazing, huh?