Preparing for a Life After Daytrading

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Rahula, Jun 13, 2007.

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    so you really never started a life day trading if you never really made any money...

    just got back to accounting
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    I agree with the above poster.

    Trading can be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world after being a pro athlete, singer, actor, etc...

    The quality of life you can get with daytrading is excellent compared to office jobs.

    If you decided to look for a stable job, that means your trading was somewhat unstable.

    If you believe in yourself and your trading skills, you wouldn't worry about providing for your wife and kids.

    You mentioned you'd need 1K per day on a regular basis to continue daytrading.

    How many jobs out there allow you to earn 1K per day?
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  3. How is the quality of life that great as a daytrader? You sit at home in a small room in front of monitors interacting with some nameless faceless figure on a messageboard. The only person to talk to is yourself. All you have is the television set for entertainment. How is that a good quality life?

    I think most of you are simply scared of dealing with people and would have never made it in the business world anyway.

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  4. why don't u try writing a book about your experiences! Lessons of a failed day trader--u could make some decent money
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  5. I am sure sitting in some small cubicle is so much more rewarding and stimulating for most. As for interacting... office gossip gets tired rather quickly and if sucking your jefe's balls is your idea of interacting than maybe trading is not for you. Most people dislike office politics and all the garbage that goes with it.
    If you are lonely than once you turn off you PC at 4 o'clock, go outside and do something. Meet new people, visit places, order a hooker.... whatever floats your boat.

    However, do not do one specific thing.... namely blame trading for your pathetic lifeless life.
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  6. So don't, limit your time to the active time periods, know when the action is finished for the next couple hours and take a break.

    This part is up to you to control.
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  8. Rahula
    I think u have made the best decision of going to get a serious joj
    Day trading is not easy u could make some money today and you could give it all back tomorrow
    Since you are planning to propose your GF ( her parent defitinily want her to settle with some one who is well settled and has a nice job, steady income. nd not a person in the %95 to be a looser accourding to the industry
    Money will come back commission will come back daytrading will come back but your time will never come back.
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  9. How is the quality of life that great as a daytrader.

    Lets see, from fractions to penny spreads on equities.

    From Nickle Spreads to penny spreads on Options.

    More regulations passed and even more to follow.

    There is all ways forex....

    Futures day trading is good from what I hear. There are 1000s of profitable day traders in futures, trading electronically, without any connections to pits that house NDX and SPZs.:D

    Day trading, as in the "Original" definition of "Scalping" is pretty much dead in equities and Options. Futures is still doable. So are currencies.

    I haven't "day traded" in years. However, position trading can work as long as you have great risk control. Wouldn't leverage to much unless you can pay to play.

    So, I wouldn't give up the Markets. It is smart that your moving on from "Day trading".

    :cool: :cool:
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    yeah faking like I care about cubicle joe's kid's soccer game is a great time. and kissing some jerkoffs ass aka your "boss"
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